Jun 21st 2012

How to write essays on abortion

In your school or college years, you will have to write essays on different topics. However, some topics are relatively more confusing, and writing abortion essays is probably one of those tricky tasks. But if you plan things properly and have a clear idea of what you're going to cover in your essay, everything will fall into place.

Actually, you can approach these topics differently. You can consider taking a stance or you can talk about both sides without highlighting a particular one. The thing you should bear in mind is that if you're planning to take a particular position in your essay, you will have to conduct plenty of research to back up your claim. For your research, you will have to check different resources such as psychology journals, medical journals, research studies, healthcare professionals, case law, law journals and other academic sources. However, you should know that you are writing an argumentative essay, so the sources should be scholarly. Though you can also use comments and statistics obtained from surveys, you need to ensure that the information was obtained using a scientific statistical method and that it is mentioned in a professional journal. While using such comments and data, it's important to cite them not only in the body of your essay but also in your reference page.

To get started, you should have a rough outline of the main points; this will help you argue in a better way. It's a good idea to conduct research for each of these points and have this research information mentioned with each point. To create a well-balanced essay, it's good to briefly discuss the opposing view. But make sure you summarize all points of discussion in your introductory paragraph and then tackle each point individually in subsequent paragraphs. Don't overlook the importance of maintaining the flow of thoughts from one paragraph to the next.

The bottom line is that writing abortion essays can become a difficult task mainly because you will have to pick something out of so much controversial information available out there. You will be better off picking a basis for your argument on this particular topic, but do keep in mind that your position should be consistent throughout your paper.

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