Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?
Children have always been playing games related to violence. Cowboys vs. Indians, war games, superheroes vs. villains, police vs. criminals, Star Wars games… the list of activities that involved shooting and fighting is endless. Nevertheless, violence in children's playing time was brought to a whole new level when video games got into the picture. Boys no longer want a new plastic gun for birthday; they want a new video game that involves killing more virtual characters. Read more
Argumentative Essay: Should Students Have to Wear Uniforms?
When students go to school with distressed jeans and tops with acid colors, teachers and principals are horrified. Strict clothing forms in schools are related to moral purity, whereas frivolous style is usually associated with rebellion and disrespect for school authorities. The debate around the necessity for students to wear uniforms at school is not even close to its end. Read more
How to write a bullying essay
Bullying is, unfortunately, very common on most schools across the world. Bullying has been around for as long as anyone can remember, but it is only in recent years that schools have begun to encourage students to write essays on the topic of bullying. The main reason for this is because it is such an emotive subject and one which most people can empathise with - at one time or another, most children have been picked on or felt vulnerable. Read more
How to write school essays
During school years, students have to deal with so many assignments, and some of these assignments involve writing school essays. You really cannot expect to get a good grade without being able to create high quality essays. But the problem is that some students who are very good with other school assignments struggle a lot with the task of writing an essay. This is because essay writing calls for combining different skills including critical writing... Read more
How to write essays on leadership
Considering the changes taking place in global economy, it's obvious to find many college students react to the situation and try to become their own leaders. Today, there are little chances of you getting a job soon after you leave your college; therefore, colleges and universities are trying to prepare their students for this change. Read more
How to write essays on immigration
When students have to write an immigration essay, it's obvious to see them in some trouble. Whether you want to create a historical piece or you want to give an overview of the issue, it will always require a lot of research and proper planning. In a country like the United States where many people are always concerned about ever-changing immigration laws, students are usually asked to create an immigration essay to show... Read more
How to write essays on abortion
In your school or college years, you will have to write essays on different topics. However, some topics are relatively more confusing, and writing abortion essays is probably one of those tricky tasks. But if you plan things properly and have a clear idea of what you're going to cover in your essay, everything will fall into place. Read more
How to write argumentative essays
All college students have to write an essay during their academic years, but when it's about writing an argumentative essay, it's obvious to find many students flinch and worry. This genre of academic essays demands students to show complete knowledge of a particular topic. They have to give their point of view and back it up with facts and credible resources. The real issue is that students not only need to find credible evidence to back their side of the debate but they also have to evaluate the evidence in their essay. Read more
How to write a persuasive essay
A persuasive essay is an essay based around the purpose of convincing the reader of your point of view. Persuasive essays are usually based around an argument, especially an argument which is contrary to the accepted opinion of society - you may argue, for example, that a healthy diet does not have to contain fruits or vegetables. The more widely accepted the topic you are arguing against is... Read more
How to write an essay on plagiarism
Plagiarism is a popular topic these days, and many colleges are now encouraging students to understand more about it by setting assignments on plagiarism. When you write an essay on plagiarism, the subject naturally becomes clearer to you which has the added benefit of helping you to avoid it in the future. Read more