How to contact us:

In order to make it simple and easy for our clients and prospective customers, we have designed a very simple contact form. Just click on the 'contact us' link at the top of the page, and you will be taken to the contact form. The form has several different spaces that must be filled for submission. These are designed in order for the user to submit their query. The first empty space must include your valid email address. Keep in mind that the email is important, because that is where we shall send a reply to your query. Each of the spaces is marked on the side with the information that is required. The larger box must be filled with your query.


You can ask about anything regarding our services and our work and operations. If you are looking for rates regarding a customized essay, all you have to do is include important details such as the length of the essay, the required research (whether or not you will provide us with the content or we need to search and complete the essay ourselves) as well as the deadline.

How long till you get a response?

Our response team is highly efficient and ready to tackle queries the second they arrive. As long as a query arrives during our operational timings, we will respond immediately. If it arrives in the night, we shall respond on the next day immediately, as we do not like to keep our clients waiting. We are punctual and helpful towards our clients, because we want to build relationships based on trust, not business deals.