Jun 28th 2012

How to write essays on immigration

When students have to write an immigration essay, it's obvious to see them in some trouble. Whether you want to create a historical piece or you want to give an overview of the issue, it will always require a lot of research and proper planning. In a country like the United States where many people are always concerned about ever-changing immigration laws, students are usually asked to create an immigration essay to show their understanding. But before you proceed, you need to determine if you'll be writing a position piece, an argumentative essay or a research paper that digs deeper into the topic and tackles immigration patterns, law, economics, prejudice, ethnic enclaves, the history as well as the benefits of immigration.

It is essential to mention that sometimes writing an immigration essay is not that difficult, and that's mainly because you have the chance to select from a diverse range of topics such as poverty, slavery, assimilation and the Industrial Revolution - all these topics are somehow related to the immigration in the Western world. At the same time, you can opt for specific topics such as the impact of immigration on racism and prejudice; an overview of illegal immigration is also a popular topic.

Another reason why you will find it easier to write an immigration essay as compared to any other subject is the availability of a wealth of information. You will have a quick and easy access to case histories, textbook material, material in legal texts, studies in peer-reviewed journals and booklets/newsletters created by organizations that endeavor to raise awareness about immigration. You will also find organizations and groups that focus only on the issues and negative aspects related to immigration. Now, you will have so much information available, but both positive and negative sources can be considered biased; therefore, you need to use these resources while maintaining the balance in your immigration essay. In addition to making sure you don't appear biased, it's also important for every student to avoid using poor citation methods. Any mistake in this regard may hurt your grade badly.

The bottom line is that students should plan well before they get down to writing. Immigration is a tricky topic and requires a lot of research. You need to have good organizational skills along with a clear idea of the points you're going to cover in your essay. And finally, find legitimate sources and cite them professionally to earn great grade.

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