Jun 14th 2012

How to write argumentative essays

All college students have to write an essay during their academic years, but when it's about writing an argumentative essay, it's obvious to find many students flinch and worry. This genre of academic essays demands students to show complete knowledge of a particular topic. They have to give their point of view and back it up with facts and credible resources. The real issue is that students not only need to find credible evidence to back their side of the debate but they also have to evaluate the evidence in their essay.

Before you get down to writing, you need to understand the real goal of these argumentative essays. Basically, they require you to share your beliefs in a way that the readers are swayed through authenticity and reason. The references and citations should be picked carefully; they should come from credible sources, as this will allow you to support your position even further.

However, it is a fact that writing an argumentative essay has always been a frustrating task for students. They find it hard to verbalize their arguments, but they find it even difficult to choose the right words that would allow them to express their views in a cohesive manner. The problem is that argumentative essays need to be assertive, but they should never be aggressive - and maintaining the balance proves extremely difficult. Your tone should be confident, but at the same time should not be threatening. You can achieve this by using the right vocabulary with relatively confident phrases, so that there remains no room for misinterpretation.

Writing a well-rounded argumentative essay becomes easier when you learn to approach your topic with an open mind; you should also be ready to acknowledge and tackle opposing thoughts and mindsets. If you fail to focus on facts and write emotionally, you will never be able to write an essay that will leave a strong impact on your reader and even compel them to reconsider their own thoughts. So, leave emotions aside, be willing to take opposing comments, evaluate them and plan your own comments while backing them with proper facts and credible sources.

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